Urban development consultancy

Preparation of the 2019 Monitoring Report of the Budapest Economic Recovery and Job Creation Strategy
Client: Budapest Municipality

Participation in the compilation of the Budapest Integrated Development Program (2021-2027)
Client: BFVT Kft.

Budapest District 13. Participation in the review of the Integrated Urban Development Strategy
Client: Urban-Lis Studio Ltd. / Municipality of 13 in Budapest

Nemesrádó urban development concept
Client: Tértrend Kft., Nemesrádó Municipality

Pilisszentlászló urban development concept
Client: Tértrend Kft., Pilisszentlászló Municipality

Real estate consulting

Semi-annual office and retail market survey in Budapest
Client: Property Market Analysis LLP, London, UK

Budapest Housing Market Database (in cooperation with Eltinga Kft.)

Óbuda rental housing development concept, investment program plan
Customer: Municipality of District 3 in Budapest
In collaboration with the RJZS Architects group

Application for “function change permit” related to the redevelopment of a Budapest shopping center
Customer: WING group

Budapest Residential Market Study related to the preparation of a housing development in District 2 in Budapest
Customer: CODIC group

Possibilities of alternative usage of railway areas in Budapest, valuation
Client: TRENECON Kft.